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La Fisna Vinos


  • Rule of thumb in Spain: find a tapas bar locals love, go lots.
  • La Fisna Vihnos is our Madrid go to (as often as we can).
  • Too many tapas to try in one sitting – the tortilla’s particularly crave-worthy.
  • Take advice on the wine – the list is long and kind of extraordinary.

  • Local
  • Tapas
  • Wine

Hemingway in NH Collection Casa Suecia


  • Deliciously decadent Hemingway could turn the head of the saintliest of saints.
  • Like all good secrets it’s hidden in plain sight (deep inside hotel Casa Suecia).
  • And if you’re up for lounging around, acres of crimson velvet and plump leopard print sofas have just that in mind.
  • Cocktails are as inventive as you’d expect from a bar with Hemingway as its inspiration.

  • Cocktails
  • Vintage
  • Secret

Ficus Bar


  • You’ll find Ficus fresh, green and chilled as a cucumber cooler – all good stuff.
  • We’re smitten by the secret garden vibe
  • transport yourselves off to africa whilst being in madrid
  • And on looks alone, it’s up top in our ‘bars to love best in the whole wide world’ list.
  • Picky Madrileño score it high too, so does get busy.

  • Chic
  • Relaxed
  • Original

Bar Santurce


  • Bar Santurce might be basic but if you want sardines grilled to perfection, it’s the one.
  • Regulars swoon over seafood here, we lost our hearts to their Padron Peppers.
  • Drinks run to good Rioja and ice cold beer.
  • Tables are few, so you might have to share.

  • El-Rastro
  • Seafood
  • Legend

the hat


  • a hidden rooftop terrace on top of this hostel
  • views are incredible and it is so hidden, you would not expect it at all
  • vibe is great with like minded travellers
  • greenhouse for when it gets cold so you can still enjoy the view
  • food and drink is good but its the view and the vibe that did this for us

  • Rooftop
  • hidden
  • views

1862 dry bar


  • one of the liveliest bars with great music
  • really busy but the service was so attentive
  • the old fashioned was our favourite and made with so much attention to detail
  • they have theaperitivehour saturdays and sundays at 12.30 pm

  • Busy
  • Cocktails
  • Buzzing

bodegas rojo


  • If you had a Spanish abuela and she had a bodega, it would definitely look like Rojo Just don’t mention ‘kitsch’.
  • This notable local’s the real thing and a rare find in Madrid these days
  • Take a seat at the counter, order a drink and earwig on regulars putting the world to rights like they’ve always done
  • Fresh sliced sausage is how Rojo does bar snacks (no namby-pamby nuts for these Madrileño)

  • Local
  • Authentic
  • Character