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La Sanabresa


  • this place is based on spanish cooking traditions and very popular amongst the locals
  • the menu del dia is a great price and worth the value for a starter, main and dessert and everything is very fresh
  • caramel cake is a must try
  • have to queue to get a table, but it is worth the wait
  • portions are huge and the taste is as if you are going to your spanish grandmas house for lunch

  • Traditional
  • Abuela
  • Local

La Oveja Negra taberna vegana


  • one of the best places for vegan food in madrid
  • huge variety of dishes to choose from
  • board games to play while there
  • super cool and quirky atmosphere, not your regular restaurant

  • Vegan
  • Hip
  • Colourful

hanso cafe


  • you will have to queue for this place but it is worth the wait
  • one of the best brunch places in madrid
  • cosy and very buzzing
  • great coffee and a brilliant working space

  • Buzzing
  • Brunch
  • Coffee

Alboroto Princesa


  • the wings are THE BEST
  • the place is known for their innovative and crazy cocktails
  • the place is more than a restaurant, it is all about having a
  • unique experience which they definitely deliver on
  • a very instagrammable place

  • Cocktails
  • Innovative
  • Crazy

el jardin secreto


  • Clandestino and cute as a cute thing, El Jardin Secreto won’t knock socks off on the food front.
  • But its seductive ways with candles, flattering light and lush greenery could well win your heart.
  • Go for great shakes, sinfully good desserts and a generous pour on the drinks front.
  • It lives up to its name on enchantment – we’re suckers for pretty secret gardens.
  • And it might sound trivial, but the carrot cake is worthy of a visit all by its delicious self.

  • quirky
  • cute
  • characterful

Caripen Madrid


  • Feel like whiling away the night until the wee small hours? This is the place.
  • A one time flamenco bar, it’s quiet on the castanets these days but the passion lives on.
  • It’s warm, inviting, never less than a little busy and as loved by locals as diehard romantics.
  • The dress code’s come-as-you-like. The staff are charming and the food’s very, very good.

  • Romantic
  • Unstuffy
  • Late

Sobrino de Botin


  • ‘Yum’ or ‘Yuk’ on suckling pig? Doesn’t matter.
  • Shine your shoes, polish your manners and do Botin anyway.
  • The world’s oldest restaurant has been roasting pigs since 1725 (in the same ovens, mainly).
  • It’s still at home in the same astonishing medieval townhouse – more like a fairy tale than a restaurant.

  • Captivating
  • Historic
  • Charming

Meson Txistu


  • When a Basque family of cooks invite you to eat, don’t hesitate.
  • Meson Txstu feels like home, because it is.
  • So let go a little, settle in for enormous plates of deliciousness and don’t be shy about sharing a table – they’re strong on family-style service here.
  • There’s a hint of San Sebastian’s grand gardens on the terrace in summer.

  • Basque
  • Family-Style
  • Homey

El Rinconcito Cusqueno


  • Pure Peruvian, frill-free and so friendly it could dry the tears of a homesick Llama.
  • If you know Peru, you’ll know this is the real thing (we do and it is).
  • Focus is on food, fuelling up locals and keeping prices pretty low.
  • It’s mercifully poncho-free, we didn’t hear a panpipe once and the staff are sweethearts.

  • Real-deal
  • Peruvian
  • Friendly

Fratelli Figurato


  • Fratelli Figurato is Neapolitan all the way down to olive trees at the door, cosy vibe and recipes from a real live Italian grandmother.
  • But these sons of Naples can play fast and loose with tradition too.
  • Try their authentic Neapolitan pizza with original, wholewheat or five-grain crust (a first for us).
  • Naturally there’s no messing with the sacred Margherita – Nonna’s knows best on this one.

  • Pizza
  • Italian
  • Cosy

Bodega de la Ardosa


  • does not look too great from the outside but the place is definitely a hidden gem
  • full of locals and where they come for their traditional spanish food fix
  • the best tortilla in madrid
  • walk in and transports you back to the 20th century
  • always busy, ideally call in advance to try and book

  • Authentic
  • Hidden
  • Delicious



  • a place with the coolest interior
  • great for brunch & lazy days
  • whisk of on holiday with their sand beach basement with a beach bar
  • must try the sangria, croquettes and chicken sandwich

  • beach
  • chilled
  • sangria

venta el buscón


  • seafood paella and arroz caldoso is the best
  • super cheap and big portions
  • a very local place, not fancy or upmarket, very casual and laid back

  • Casual
  • Reasonable
  • Meat