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Ba Dam Vegetarian Restaurant


  • amazing fresh and cheap vegan food in a very casual restaurant
  • they do an amazing vegan cao lau noodle dish too, so you don’t have to miss out if you don’t eat meat!
  • the vegetable tofu bao buns are absolutely delicious!

  • vegan
  • cheap
  • fresh

Phở Tùng


  • They only serve Pho and they do it in 4 different options.
  • You can choose your toppings too from bean sprouts, mint, shallots, hot sauce, basil
  • It’s full on Monday mornings with locals as they eat this for breakfast!
  • You should definitely check this place out if looking for Pho in Hoi An (just make sure you’re there between 6am-11am as it closes at 12pm!)

  • pho
  • vietnamese
  • local

Lim Dining Room


  • A slightly higher end spot with the most delicious Italian inspired food
  • We had the pizza and the pasta and everything was delicious!
  • Pre-book a table for dinner as they get quite busy

  • italian
  • pizza
  • fancy

Che Xi Ma Phu


  • This black sesame sweet soup is a Hoi An delicacy
  • The family who serve this up on the roadside have been doing so for nearly 108 years!
  • It’s a hit with the locals and we are so glad we stumbled across it!
  • It may look unusual but it really is tasty!
  • They’re around all day and refill once in the morning and once in the afternoon until around 5pm.

  • delicacy
  • local
  • street-food

Quán Cao lầu Bá Lễ


  • Cao Lau Noodles are the most famous noodles of Hoi An and are only made here as they are made using the well water from the ancient town
  • This place serve the noodles which are hand made by one of the locals
  • The dish is delicious and you should definitely try it whilst in Hoi An!


  • traditional
  • speciality
  • noodles

Bánh Mì Phượng


  • Also one of the best Banh Mi places in Hoi An but for us comes as a close second to Madam Khanh
  • They have a friendly rivalry in place so try both and see which you prefer
  • We loved the Mixed Pork here!

  • baguette
  • vietnamese
  • fluffy

Madam Khanh


  • Our favourite restaurant for the famous Vietnamese Banh Mi.
  • The bread here is the best! Our favourites were the Mixed Pork and BBQ Pork.
  • The locals go here and when you know that, you know it has to be good!

  • vietnamese
  • fluffy
  • tasty

Tiem An Miu Miu


  • there is hardly any information on this place as it truly is a hidden place only loved by the locals (and us!)
  • expect small plastic chairs and the best BBQ chicken wings
  • Make sure you get there by 6pm to get a table else you won’t be eating there!

  • grill
  • wings
  • simple

Vy’s Market Restaurant


  • An incredible food court which serves local fusion food.
  • Great vibe here every night with their live music!
  • Our favourites were the dumplings, fried rice and the meat platter.

  • local
  • live-music
  • fusion

Comh Linh


  • A great restaurant to try local Vietnamese cuisine – they specialise in Pho and the signature dish Cao Lau.
  • Cozy, inviting atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating.
  • We loved the Ban Xeo & the Chicken Pho, so look out for those when you’re there!

  • authentic
  • pho
  • delicious

Sea Shell By Nu Eatery


  • Contemporary Asian fusion restaurant tucked down a super small alleyway, you won’t find it unless you’re looking.
  • Sometimes you may have to wait for a table but trust us, it’s worth it!
  • One of our all time favourites in Hoi An – everything on the menu is delicious!
  • Make sure you try the tacos and the steamed buns

  • fusion
  • delicious
  • hidden