ko chang, a hidden island in thailand

We fell in love with this beautiful island for it’s secluded beaches, red hot sunsets and it’s awesome nightlife. It’s nowhere near as popular as the other well known Thailand islands and it’s still full of so much charm.    


Beautiful town of Hoi An

The beautiful town of Hoi An has almost frozen in time & is well known for it’s beautiful canals, french colonial buildings but most of all it’s preserved ancient old town which carries so much charm and is a UNESCO heritage site since 1999. What people don’t know is that although the old town is […]


Bangkok skyline at dusk

This truly is the city which never sleeps, full of delicious street food, bustling night markets, party streets, jazz bars, gorgeous temples, beautiful skyscrapers & ranks as one of the most interesting cities in the world!


New York City

step out into the streets of the city that never sleeps, but if you want to cover it all, don’t expect to either..! there are countless museums, galleries, restaurants & the craziest and quirkiest experiences.. & of course the $1 pizza..



new orleans pronounced ‘nawlins’ is full of its old world charm, the magic of cajun & creole cuisine, live music & its hectic party scene. don’t get yourself stuck in a tourist rabbit hole in the french quarter, there is way to much to see, drink & eat… and also ghost stories to hear & […]



london is the city of the chippy and the pint. don’t take that lightly, because here you’ll find winding streets of hidden bars followed by rows of restaurants and round the corner the world famous palaces where the royals reside. it’s a city where old meets new and although the sky is far from blue, […]



a magical area full of enchanting flying balloons at sunrise to the most beautiful sunsets, you’ll never see anything quite as beautiful as this. the ancient underground cities and castles are only the beginning of this place



this magical city lies on two continents, half in asia and half in europe divided by the glistening bosphorus. a city full of culture, home of unbelieveable gastronomy and people who with the kindest hearts, you will fall in love with the city and its people immediately



approach madrid by it’s individual barrios, each one is brimming with its own history & character after all it is the city with the world’s oldest restaurant. bull fighting, flamenco, tapas, boutiques are just the beginning, because the second you wander down the backstreets, you’ll see the beautiful culture emerge..



ahhh, our first love. this place is magical, it’s not just the breathtaking views & the fairytale skyline, santorini is so much more than where the tourists head. the locals eat like kings in small backstreet tavernas & party on free flowing ouzo whilst smashing & dancing on plates.. magical is the only way to […]



a city where anything is possible. sunbathing on beautiful secluded beaches a 20 minute ferry ride away to skiing in one of the world’s greatest ski resorts all in the same day. the city used to be for just the sporty type, but vancouver is now swarming with some of the best restaurants & experiences […]



the city where history and myths meet, where endless bars and restaurants appear on every street. where the people are kind and you feel an electric vibe, where views are magical and the sunset is one of a kind…