Koh Chang 2024 Travel Guide

Koh Chang 2024 Travel Guide

Ditch Koh Phi PhiPhuket and Koh Samui ….. Koh Chang is a must see if you’re in Thailand!

Wooo! Our travel guide with EVERYTHING you’ll need when visiting Koh Chang is here!

The island is not that well known with tourists and still has some hidden gems to explore. From newly discovered waterfalls, kayaking through mangrove forests, abandoned ship wrecks to pristine beaches, we could spend so many days here!

There’s not much info for Koh Chang so we’ve created this guide with all our tips, recommendations for where to stay, restaurants and so much more!


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What You'll Get

  • Google maps pins and locations 🗺
  • Overlay in your Google maps of all our pins and areas 📍
  • How to get around the island 🚕
  • Key Information (Currency, Taxi tips, ATM tips, Best time to visit) 🏧
  • Our favourite areas to stay and visit 🛏
  • Our recommendations for local restaurants and bars 🍹
  • The best experiences and activities to do whilst here 🤿
  • Useful phrases 🙊

Upon purchase, gain instant access to a downloadable travel guide, comprising 14 pages of Koh Chang information and recommendations, meticulously adapted for mobile use, featuring clickable links to Google Maps, websites, and Instagram – accessible with or without data or Wi-Fi!


anish and serena - co-founders of UNDISCVERED

Who We Are

We’re Anish and Serena, the duo behind UNDISCVERED, and we’ve been searching for hidden gems all over the world for over two decades! We totally get it – researching for your travels can be overwhelming and not to mention time-consuming. Your time is valuable, that’s why we’ve curated UNDISCVERED travel guides, just for you.

No more falling into tourist traps – we’re out there hitting the streets, discovering the local hotspots & secret experiences that are hard to find online. Trust us, every recommendation in our guides are personally tested and approved by our reliable network of likeminded locals. 

Before even stepping foot on that plane, download our guide, and you’ll have everything you need right from the get-go (it even works offline – no need for data). We’re here to make your travels easy, stress-free, and focused on the memories!


For iPhone:
Once your order is complete, click on the blue ‘UNDISCVERED Koh Chang Travel Guide’ button.
Select the download pop up, wait for the travel guide to download and select ‘Open in’.
Scroll down and select ‘Save to files’. Click on ‘Downloads’ and press ‘Save’ in the top right corner.
To open the PDF, search for the ‘Files’ app and your downloaded travel guide should appear under the ‘recents’ tab. If not, navigate to the ‘Browse’ tab and select ‘Downloads’.

For Android:
Once your order is complete, click on the blue ‘UNDISCVERED Koh Chang Travel Guide’ button.
Once this has downloaded, you will see a pop up asking you how to open the guide.
Select your desired app.
Your travel guide should appear immediately. If not, navigate to ‘Files’ app, select ‘Downloads’ and you will find your travel guide in there!

You will receive your receipt as well as another download button in your email. Please check your junk/spam folder if you can’t find this.

Please note, the guide may take a couple of minutes to download due to the file size.

Note: Within the guide, there are clickable links; select them to see all of our listings which open directly in Google Maps.
All devices are compatible. All you have to do is download the PDF document and open it up as mentioned above and start exploring!
Spend less time googling and more time exploring! We’ve collated EVERYTHING you need to know in one place!

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