3 Best Hidden Bars In Bangkok You Must Visit (2022)

If you’re looking for the best hidden bars in Bangkok then look no further. Search for secret doors around the city with unusual entrances and hidden passwords and enter Bangkok’s hidden party scene.

We ventured out into the city without mobile data or any plan, stumbled across a local at a BTS station and asked the best area to go to that night. He mentioned Thong Lor, so we jumped on the BTS and ventured out into the unknown…(well, in fact to locals, pretty well known as the hippest district).

The area initially seemed super quiet, and there was nothing in sight besides some restaurants.. and we wondered why this neighbourhood was so special. This isn’t one of those neighbourhoods where you would show up in the evening and hope to stumble on some markets, this is one of the most trendiest parts of Bangkok and the places there are the best if you know where to go.

We had been walking for a while and passed a flower shop with an unusual looking entrance and lights on at 9pm. We walked in and to our surprise we figured out we had entered the neighbourhood of speakeasies…..!

There are so many places to explore in bangkok, and truthfully you could be here for weeks and months and never cover it all. But if you want to know the best things to do in Bangkok, keep an eye on our blog page for more updates!

So, we all hate missing out on the best secret bars in any city, so after much exploring and researching, here are OUR favourite best hidden speakeasy bars in Bangkok!

Number 1 on our list of best hidden bars in Bangkok – Midsummer Night’s Dream Bar

Address: 61/2 Thong Lo Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Located in: Wynn Wood Florist Studio

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/8akuvv4f3nfGvCrq6

Opening hours: 6pm-2am everyday (sometimes shuts earlier if not busy)

A beautifully decorated, new, dim lit speakeasy, tucked away above a florist (which is only open in the daytime). The bar had 2 open levels, with open railings allowing you to peer down to the floor below. 

The place was super romantic, and you really felt hidden away in a place like this. The flickering lights, the floral smells and the mixture of flavours totally whisked you away. The entire menu was split into acts from Shakespeare’s famous Midsummer Night’s Dream play and honestly, the menu went on page after page, act after act, all with the weirdest mix of ingredients. Although this isn’t too uncommon for a speakeasy, there was something about this place which held itself differently. The waiters were really helpful and knowledgable with the best recommendations. We were initially sceptical about the ingredients, but decided to go with some strange flavours and O M G was this the BEST cocktail we have ever had in any city in the world. 

Serena’s cocktail had a home-made sour jam which was lathered on the side of the glass, so when you took a sip the jam mixed with the sweet and sour flavours of cocktail.

Anish went for something on the sweeter side and the cinnamon infused custard was just the most incredible pairing with the bitter notes from the Neam leaf rum cocktail he ordered.

Be warned, this place is expensive but it was truly worth every single penny. They had a DJ, who was playing old school RnB and Hip Hop – our favourite genres, so we were won over even more!

10/10 all around from us.

£££ cocktails are around 420 THB – 700 THB depending on what you go for.

Best time to visit: weekend evenings

best hidden bars in Bangkok
midsummer night’s dream | speakeasy

Number 2 on our list of best hidden bars in Bangkok – J Boroski

Address: 6, 125/13 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110

Located in: A residential street

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/qiNGNVq821T8ivvs8

Opening hours: 6.30pm-2am everyday

We wandered down a residential road, following the location pin for this hidden bar. Nothing was in sight, no noise, no lights, no sign… until the very end of the road, a frosted glass window with shadows of a candle flickering became visible. 

This place may not have a fancy complicated entrance but it is most definitely hidden and the place carries itself with such class.

When you open the door, the chatter of people, clinking of glasses, and the beautifully perfumed air hits you, and you know you’ve entered somewhere special.

The mixologists are highly skilled and there is no menu, so don’t look for it. Tell them what you want and they will conjure up the most delicious cocktails. 

£££ cocktails are around 500 THB – the only difficulty here is as there is no menu you’re not too sure what you’re paying for and can’t see up front so don’t be shy to ask if you’re on a tighter budget.

best hidden bars in Bangkok
j boroski | speakeasy

Number 3 on our list of best hidden bars in Bangkok – #findthelockerroom

Address: 406 Soi Sukhumvit 55, Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110

Located in: in a mysterious building

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/qiNGNVq821T8ivvs8

Opening hours: 6pm-1.30am everyday

The entrance to this speakeasy is unimaginably creative. The main entrance is SO unusual, we almost guarantee you’ll struggle to find it. But the beats of the music may give it away if you listen hard enough and you’ll definitely see newbies to this place glued to their phones wandering around outside, either following their google maps (or reading this blog) trying to find the location. 

Once you’ve found the entrance, it gets even harder. You’ll only see a large locker room and if you figure out how to enter you are in for a treat but be quick before someone comes out and gives away the entrance! 

We have been to a lot of speakeasies and this one is definitely the cleverest. 

Once you’re inside, they have a DJ on the ground floor and there is another floor they may divert you to if they’re busy, again with a clever entrance! 

To get the vibe going, the bartenders mixed up probably the best single shot cocktail we think we have ever had, he poured the whole bar a shot and we clinked our glasses with each other. Get yourself ready to make some friends and party the night away here.

UNDISCVERED TIP: Let yourself be fooled, it really is satisfying when you find your way in.

£££ cocktails are around 450 THB to 700 THB – depending on what you go for. The cocktails are good but the speakeasy element is better. 

best hidden bars in Bangkok
#findthelockerroom | speakeasy

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