Discover the Ultimate Travel Companions: Viajecito Bags

We were walking through the beautiful sandy streets of Siargao when I stumbled across what is now my favourite travel companion, besides Anish of course 😉

This colourful range of Viajecito bags drew my attention mainly because of the bright, bold colours. But the more I asked about the product the better it got!
If you’re considering what bag to buy for your travels next, let me tell you, you don’t want to miss out on this upcoming brand!

Viajecito is a splash proof, make up proof, mud proof, and everything proof bag. I’ve been travelling with them since April and let me tell you, I have used them in literally every single situation. Wait, here’s proof!

Below I’ll run through the different products which I found the most useful from the full range!


The first time I used this bag was when we went to explore Raja Ampat, the beautiful hidden, untouched islands in Indonesia and Viajecito literally saved my camera’s ass every step of the way. We were stranded on a boat in the middle of the sea because of bad weather, and our regular camera pouch isn’t waterproof by any means. I kept the camera in the splashkit bag and it was completely protected! The funny thing is, the bag actually isn’t meant for that, but the beauty of these bags is that they can be used for absolutely anything! We also had to rock climb up to a viewpoint and I used this bag again for the camera on our journey up.

The BEST part of all of the bags, is all of the straps are interchangeable. Let me show you how! Anish even had a bit of fun switching the straps around – looks pretty good to be honest!

SPLASH KIT Classic – Cocopaya

One of the best parts is the amount the bags fit. They’re not rigid, so can fit almost anything you might need! Here’s what I’ve packed into the bag – it genuinely fits WAY more than you can imagine.

This bag has been my go to for everything daily. On the back of the bike in Bali, sunset beach walks, hiking to a bat cave on a deserted island and it has weathered all terrain! The bag looks brand new, every single time I clean it and with all the dirt, sand and mud, I cannot stress how worth it this bag is. I’m not a designer bag kind of girl, and everything white, ALWAYS gets dirty. But with the Viajecito range I haven’t had to even look after them much to look brand new every day!

We don’t carry much when we travel anymore but a girl needs a bag for every occasion – and my one hack on packing these bags into small spaces is to literally pack them into each other. Because they’re so flexible the classic Splashkit folds and fits inside the XL Splashkit – it’s amazing!

Coin Purse and Splashkit clutch

Day to day, no matter where, these are my ride or die. I always loose money in the car down the seats or right at the bottom of my bag and the coin purse has kept me in check. The Splashkit clutch has been great for holding my passport and essential cards, but to be totally honest, it has been the BEST jewellery pouch for me. Again, another example of how you can use the products in a multi purpose way!

MNL Tote BagFog

Last but not least, the tote bag. Saved my back in Hoi An. As a digital nomad, we are always on the move with our laptops for meetings (here’s our Hoi An recommendations btw!) and the bag has been perfect! I’ve managed to pack in my laptop, chargers, books, swim clothes, flip flops, spare clothes etc all in this one bag. One thing I would say is it is on the bigger side, so this bag is perfect if you need something for a more functional purpose rather than a day to day bag.

I could write about these bags for ages, the uses are ENDLESS. Check them out, and trust me – they are worth the investment.

A last point on the brand, which just makes it even better, the team are 3 wonderful women who have envisioned something and brought it to life. The bags are designed and assembled in Manila and the quality is spot on and the team are true hustlers! Get behind them, protect your stuff, and without a doubt you’ll end up with the entire range before you know it.


Website: www.shopviajecito.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shopviajecito/