New York City Guide

New York 2024 Travel Guide

Dive into the city that never sleeps, where countless restaurants, quirky experiences, and $1 pizza spots await—covering it all may seem like a challenge, but that’s what we’re here for. Your personal concierge to NYC!


Welcome to New York – your Big Apple playground. Hop on the subway for the perfect bagel, search for the best NY pizza slice, be dazzled by Times Square, and touch the sky at the exclusive experience hidden above the tallest skyscraper in NYC (all is revealed in our guide).

It’s time! DOWNLOAD our guide. Inside, you’ll find $900 in exclusive offers we’ve negotiated just for you on restaurants, bars, and experiences – these deals are found ONLY in this guide. Your guide investment pays off instantly with these incredible savings.

Loaded with insider tips and convenient clickable elements for seamless navigation on Google Maps, our guide steers you from off-the-beaten-path restaurants and bars to one-of-a-kind experiences you can’t find easily on google.

And finally, just as you thought it couldn’t get better, with our guide you’ll be exploring some of the cities most local joints and with every place you explore you’ll be supporting the local communities. So, just by being curious, you’ll be changing lives for the better.

We hope you enjoy exploring NYC as much as we did!


Inside Our Guide

  • $900 worth of offers on restaurants, bars & experiences
  • Exclusive insider tips on the city, known only to the locals
  • Overlay of all our pins and areas in your Google maps
  • Everything categorised by area making it easier to navigate the city
  • Our recommendations for the best local restaurants and hidden bars
  • Hints on where to find the best happy hours in each area of the city
  • The most unusual experiences and activities to do whilst here (you won’t have heard of most of them!)

AND we are supporting an incredible local artist @denisouch so the guide front cover is one of his masterpieces created just for you.

Upon purchase, gain instant access to a downloadable travel guide, comprising 38 pages of New York information and recommendations, meticulously adapted for mobile use, featuring clickable links to Google Maps, websites, and Instagram – accessible with or without data or Wi-Fi!

For iPhone:
Once your order is complete, click on the blue ‘UNDISCVERED New York Travel Guide’ button.
Select the download pop up, wait for the travel guide to download and select ‘Open in’.
Scroll down and select ‘Save to files’. Click on ‘Downloads’ and press ‘Save’ in the top right corner.
To open the PDF, search for the ‘Files’ app and your downloaded travel guide should appear under the ‘recents’ tab. If not, navigate to the ‘Browse’ tab and select ‘Downloads’.

For Android:
Once your order is complete, click on the blue ‘UNDISCVERED New York Travel Guide’ button.
Once this has downloaded, you will see a pop up asking you how to open the guide.
Select your desired app.
Your travel guide should appear immediately. If not, navigate to ‘Files’ app, select ‘Downloads’ and you will find your travel guide in there!

You will receive your receipt as well as another download button in your email. Please check your junk/spam folder if you can’t find this.

Please note, the guide may take a couple of minutes to download due to the file size.

Note: Within the guide, there are clickable links; select them to see all of our listings which open directly in Google Maps.
All devices are compatible. All you have to do is download the PDF document and open it up as mentioned above and start exploring!
Spend less time googling and more time exploring! We’ve collated EVERYTHING you need to know in one place! You will also have access to $900 worth of savings in NYC which is not available anywhere else. These discounts have been personally negotiated by us, for you!

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