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Kira Thira Jazz Bar


  • banging DJ, but do not come to dance
  • this local legend has been keeping things real and mellow for 30 years
  • sangria is almost as good as the sounds
  • tucked off the beaten track but worth hunting down
  • we rate the bartender, loved the mood and did not miss dance crowds a bit

  • Jazz
  • DJs
  • Sangria

Wet stories beach bar


  • Luxiest of lux Santorini beach bars, this is best bikini territory.
  • Think combed sands, cocoon-like cabanas and whisper soft beach beds.
  • Place for beach parties, big events and all-day DJ sets.
  • Food’s local, artisanal, fresh and, surprisingly, not too expensive.

  • Fancy
  • Beach
  • Vibe

the wine bar


  • On top of the heliotopos hotel
  • When’s a cave not a cave? When it’s a rooftop bar with caldera view, of course.
  • Cosy like a cave, lives on a roof and has a wine list that spans the world.
  • Waiters are wine know-alls but wear it lightly – ask and you’ll see we’re right.
  • Fresh, local and more’ish on food front. Wine without snacks? Don’t think so.

  • Rooftop
  • Winebar
  • Idiosyncratic



  • Light, bright bar was once a butchers, spot meat hooks by the door.
  • Locals call it Marykay’s bar.
  • When shop’s shut up in Oia, it’s all round to Marykay’s for crazy good cocktails.
  • Only bar in town with a late music licence – sounds curated by resident DJ.

  • Music
  • Friendly
  • Late



  • Walk by this modest-looking bar and miss Santorini’s sweetest sunset spot.
  • They say terrace, we say sun-gilded theatre of gorgeousness.
  • Take a friend, have a conversation and expect to hang out.
  • Tropical’s energy isn’t as dazzling as its views but still pretty hard to resist.

  • Sunsets
  • Views
  • Vibey

franco’s cafe


  • Forget everything you think you know about cafés. It doesn’t apply here.
  • Franco’s is all divine Italian cocktails, smooth sounds and supernaturally slick service.
  • It’s not cheap, but it wouldn’t be the same if it was.
  • Comes recommended by locals and Santorini locals are pretty picky.

  • Italian
  • Cocktails
  • Taverna

2 Brothers Bar Santorini


  • looking for a rite of passage? two brothers bids you welcome.
  • not up for a crazy-loud, dance-on-the-bar, wild weekend of a night, walk by
  • owned by locals, raised by locals and loved by locals since 1983
  • music is good and there is a happy hour too – if you need extra encouragement

  • Legend
  • Happy-Hour
  • Friendly



  • this bar could be the reason beaches were invented
  • we are all for neighbourly love, but love the well-spaced beach beds
  • scores high on food, good on drinks and off the scale for service.
  • do not make us tell you twice to try the smoothies.
  • real local character, rare on santorini these days.
  • second best swimmie works the chilled, barefoot vibe perfectly

  • Authentic
  • Beachy
  • Laid-back



  • here they make their cocktails crazy, quite the opposite of the laid back vibe in santorini
  • beware, cocktails are not always in liquid form..we loved how crazy the cocktails area
  • we asked for a little extra alcohol, because we found their drinks a bit weak (little tip)
  • a little on the pricey side but hey you are in paradise

  • Cocktails
  • Experiential
  • Alternative

Bohemia The Journey


  • super laid back shisha and cocktail bar by night and home style cafe by day
  • ingredients are great quality
  • bohemian vibes, really chilled, not cheap but also not too expensive
  • the cocktails are super creative and delicious

  • Shisha
  • Coffee
  • Chilled

Tango Champagne & Cocktail Bar


  • built into santorinis caldera cliffs, tango works views and an intimate club vibe
  • smart, pretty, sounds like summer on the DJ front.
  • come for cocktails (rose caramel is lush)
  • do not go without dancing – you think you will not, but you will.
  • gently lux so do not dress down

  • Cocktails
  • Caldera
  • DJs